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Ascendance International Consulting (A-I-C)

Welcome to Ascendance International Consulting (A-I-C), a distinguished international consulting firm based in the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. We take immense pride in being your go-to destination for exceptional legal advice and services tailored for foreign nationals.

Your Advocate for English-Speaking Legal Needs in Thailand

At A-I-C, we are your trusted legal ally, specializing in providing comprehensive Expat Legal Services in Thailand and assistance to expatriates and international clients navigating legal challenges in Thailand and beyond.

Our seasoned team of attorneys combines in-depth knowledge of Thailand’s legal landscape with a global perspective, making A-I-C the go-to choice for expats and foreign nationals seeking reliable legal solutions.

Whether you’re facing visa and immigration issues, business disputes, property matters, or international legal concerns, A-I-C is dedicated to offering tailored guidance and strategic advocacy. We understand the unique challenges that expatriates encounter, and we’re committed to ensuring your rights and interests are protected.

With a strong emphasis on personalized service and a deep understanding of cross-border legal intricacies, A-I-C stands ready to assist you in resolving your legal troubles efficiently and effectively. Trust A-I-C to be your steadfast legal partner, bridging the gap between local and international law to secure the best possible outcomes for your legal needs.

Who We Are

Ascendance International Consulting was founded under the visionary leadership of Mr. Ryan, a seasoned entrepreneur with deep roots in Bangkok, Thailand. Initially, A-I-C emerged as an International Law Firm and Consultancy, steadfast in its commitment to provide comprehensive support across a diverse spectrum of areas, including Consulting, Legal Services, Immigration, and more, all accessible through our online hub,

Since its inception, our company has evolved into a true one-stop destination, continuously expanding and diversifying its divisions. While we are still progressing towards our ultimate goal, we are not far from achieving it. At A-I-C, our primary focus is assisting individuals from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. We aim to provide a comprehensive range of services under one roof, supported by a reliable team of associates you can trust.

Our Unparalleled Strengths

Strategic Legal Solutions, Precision, Clarity, Advocacy: Your English-Speaking Law Firm in Thailand

One of our standout strengths lies in our ability to serve our clients in ways that set us apart. Over the course of our global journey, we’ve cultivated an extraordinary network, unlike any other. Our extensive team comprises:

Lawyers, Barristers, Solicitors, and Attorneys
Experienced Consultants
Collaborative Associates from International Law Firms
Current and Former Government and Law Enforcement Officials, Immigration and Embassy Representatives, and Public Servants
Professional Advisors and Specialists

Furthermore, our team members are strategically positioned across various global locations, and they are eminent experts in International Law, Immigration, Business, Real Estate, Marriage, Divorce, Custody, Civil and Criminal Cases, Litigation, and Government/Military Operations.

This diverse and comprehensive expertise empowers us with authentic knowledge, providing us with a distinctive advantage in serving your unique needs.

Our Collective Approach

Uniting Expertise, Protecting Your Rights

By harnessing our collective knowledge and combining it with decades of pertinent professional experience, we synergize our resources in a compelling and distinctive manner. This enables us to offer assistance that is truly unparalleled. Our commitment extends to individuals, couples, families, small businesses, corporations, government entities, and others upon request. In essence, we are here to be the guiding hand you’ve been searching for, whether it’s leading you toward new horizons or helping you secure your current position.

We believe in the strength of collaboration, combining our collective knowledge to navigate the complexities of Thai law, particularly when it comes to assisting expats and international clients. Our mission is to ensure that you receive the highest level of legal support, tailored to your specific needs, while benefiting from the diverse perspectives within our team.
At Ascendance International Consulting, we aspire to be your unwavering support system, navigating the complexities of international law and delivering the solutions you need.

Join us on this journey, and let us help you reach your desired destinations, secure your aspirations, and empower your endeavors.

Our Happy Clients!

“They have professionals around the world who focus on a variety of areas in law. Above all, when assistance is needed, they already have their reliable associates in your local area or where needed

Mark Freedman (CEO)

“Therefore anytime I require a visa for the country I am Traveling to/ through I just transfer the payment and wait for their instructions if any are even needed. Much easier and saves my time, money, and the stress/ the worry.”​

Ann Williams

Whenever we need anything relating to the law or visas, they always have someone reliable and trustworthy that knws what is needed and how to get whatever we need Done. They are there to help us no matter where it is!“​

Mr. Jones ( Owner )


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