Getting Married in Thailand: The Complete Guide to Thai Marriage Registration

The big day has come! You researched the Thai Marriage Registration for hours/days (or you were fortunate and found our site first). You have spent hours or days preparing ALL of the documents you THINK you might need to register your marriage. You and the love of you life arrive at the District Office only to be thoroughly disappointed and told something is not correct (maybe they do not even tell you what it is, or maybe they tell you it is because you missed one number or letter on one of the many documents required).

Often this is what happens when attempting to marry in Thailand. Please understand us. We are NOT saying you cannot register your marriage yourself. We are honest here, you can. The question is how important is this for you and your loved one and how much time do you want to waste running around preparing documents you THINK you might need and preparing documents you might not need because the information you found on the internet is inconsistent. Ok, so you thought it would be a good idea to call the District Office to double-check, they may give you completely different information. This is NOT how you want to start the rest of your lives together. This should be an enjoyable experience.

Now imagine this situation:

You retain our services.
We prepare everything for you and make all of the necessary appointments for you.
A few days later, when all of the documents are prepared, we take you both to the District Office. You both sign a few papers, take a few pictures, and smoothly go to the honeymoon with the love of your life!

That will be a much better and festive start to your lives together. We also include the translations of your Marriage Certificate and Registration! If you wish to use these documents outside of Thailand, we can also obtain the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legalization that will be required.

*Note: If the female was divorced or the husband is deceased, she must wait 310 days from the date of divorce or death before remarrying. If this is your current situation, then please contact us directly first.

We offer further assistance, such as name changes, new passports, and marriage registrations for your home country.

We also HIGHLY suggest a Thai Prenuptial Agreement (Pre-Nup).

If you wish to remain in Thailand after your marriage, we can arrange for a Thai Spouse Visa for you.

If you have any other questions or are ready to get started on your Thai Marriage Registration, complete the form below.

What is a Thai Marriage Registration?

A Thai marriage registration formally records your marriage under Thai civil law, allowing it to be legally recognized. Registering your marriage in Thailand involves submitting the correct documentation to the local district office where the marriage took place.

Requirements for Foreigners: Documents You Need

While Thai citizens have a straightforward marriage registration process, there are additional requirements and paperwork for foreigners wishing to get married in Thailand.

  • Passport – Valid passport with entry stamp is required as identification
  • Affirmation of Marital Status – A document from your embassy affirming you are single and eligible to marry. This must be recently issued.
  • Freedom to Marry Affidavit – A sworn statement you are free to marry from your embassy in Thailand. This cannot be more than 6 months old.
  • Birth Certificate – Some offices require a certified copy of your birth certificate as proof of identity.
  • Proof of Address – If you reside in Thailand, you’ll need a document verifying your address such as a utility bill.
  • Termination of Prior Marriages – If previously married, official documentation the marriage was legally terminated by divorce or death.
  • Translations – All foreign documents must be translated into Thai and certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Witnesses – You’ll need two adult witnesses present at the registration who know both partners.
  • Photos – Most offices require 2-3 passport photos of both partners.
  • Registration Fees – There is a small fee, usually around 1000 Baht, to register the marriage.

Your district office may have additional requirements, so it’s best to check with them. Hiring a professional marriage registration service can help ensure you obtain all the necessary documents correctly.

Minimum Age Requirements

To marry in Thailand, you must be at least 17 years old on the date of marriage. If under 20 years old, you will need parental consent. The minimum age is waived if the female partner is pregnant. Both partners must be of legal age for the marriage to be valid.

Residency Requirements

You do not need to be a resident of Thailand to get married there. However, at least one partner must physically be present in Thailand for a minimum of 15 days to register the marriage. This allows time to post the required public notices.

If both partners are foreign, your embassy can waive the residency rules if you provide a justified reason. For example, being on your honeymoon and unable to stay 15 days.

Why Use a Professional Service?

Attempting to arrange a Thailand marriage registration on your own as a foreigner can be challenging. Here are key reasons it’s highly advised to use a professional service:

  • Takes Care of All Documents
  • Understands Requirements
  • Makes Appointments
  • Provides Translations
  • Checks for Errors
  • Troubleshoots Issues
  • Saves You Time
  • Reduces Stress

The Process of Registration: Steps to Register Your Marriage

Here is an overview of the typical process to register a marriage in Thailand:

  1. Prepare Documents – Gather all required paperwork and get translations completed early.
  2. Post Notice of Intention – At least one partner must post a notice to marry at the district office 7 days prior.
  3. Book Appointment – Call and schedule an appointment at your local district office. Select a date after the notice period is over.
  4. Attend Interview – Both partners and witnesses attend the appointment and submit all documents. An interview confirms details.
  5. Hold Ceremony – There is a short ceremony, Buddha blessing, and photo session at the district office.
  6. Register Marriage – Sign marriage registration documents to formalize the legal union.
  7. Obtain Certificate – Receive your official English and Thai marriage certificates and registration book.
  8. Embassy Legalization – If using the certificate overseas, get embassy legalization stamps.
  9. Celebrate! – Finally, relax and celebrate your marriage with a honeymoon and wedding party.

Benefits of Registering Your Marriage in Thailand

Here are some of the top benefits of legally registering your marriage in Thailand:

  • Gives you full legal rights as a married couple under Thai law.
  • Allows you to change your legal name and update documents like passports.
  • Enables you to own property, assets, and bank accounts jointly.
  • Simplifies sorting out inheritance, healthcare, and other affairs if your spouse dies.
  • Provides options for spouse visa and residency if you want to live in Thailand long-term.
  • Entitles you to spousal benefits related to insurance, taxes, pensions, and social security.
  • Legitimizes your marriage, children, and family across international borders.
  • Sets up protections in case you need to divorce, such as child support and alimony.

Additional Post-Wedding Services You May Need

After your wedding, you may need to take care of a few additional tasks relating to your marriage documentation:

  • Legalization of your Marriage Certificate at your embassy for international use.
  • Applying for a certified copy of your Marriage Certificate from the district office.
  • Registration of your marriage in your home country if you are a foreigner.
  • A Thai prenuptial agreement to protect assets in case of divorce.
  • Applying for a spouse visa and work permit if you plan to move to Thailand.
  • Changing your legal name on financial accounts, insurance policies, etc.
  • Amending property deeds, rental agreements, or other joint contracts.

Ready to Register Your Dream Wedding in Thailand?

Following this guide will equip you with everything you need to know to tie the knot smoothly. Most importantly, find a professional service you trust to handle all the required paperwork and logistics on your behalf. This allows you to focus on enjoying your special day and this exciting new chapter. The Land of Smiles awaits – happy wedding planning!

FAQ about Thai Marriage Registration

What documents do I need for Thai marriage registration?

The main documents you need are: passport, affirmation of freedom to marry, translation of documents into Thai, proof of address if living in Thailand, termination of prior marriages, birth certificate, photos, and witness IDs.

Do both partners need to be present to register a marriage in Thailand?

Yes, both partners are required to be present together to register the marriage in Thailand. At least one partner also needs to be present in Thailand 15 days prior to register.

How long does it take to register a marriage in Thailand?

It usually takes 2-3 weeks to complete the entire marriage registration process including posting notice, gathering documents, appointment, and processing.

Can same-sex marriages be registered in Thailand?

No, same-sex marriages cannot be legally registered in Thailand currently. However, a same-sex blessing ceremony is possible.

Do I need to live in Thailand to register my marriage there?

No, you do not need to live in Thailand. But at least one partner must be present there 15 days before registering to post the required public notices.

Does my marriage need to be registered in my home country too?

If you are a foreigner marrying in Thailand, you may need to register the marriage in your home country as well for it to be legally recognized there.

Do I need to have a wedding ceremony in addition to registering my marriage?

No, you can simply register your marriage at the district office without a separate wedding ceremony if you prefer.

Can I get married at the district office where I register my marriage?

Some district offices allow you to hold a simple wedding ceremony when you register your marriage there. Check with your local office.

What should I do if I run into problems registering my marriage?

Contact your marriage registration agent right away if any issues come up. Do not try to resolve problems yourself as it can delay the process.

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