THAI MARRIAGE VISA – How to get a Marriage visa for Thailand

The THAI MARRIAGE VISA allows entry into/long term stays in the Kingdom of Thailand for the spouse of Thai Nationals.

*Note: Under the THAI MARRIAGE VISA, work is prohibited without a Thai Work Permit. Employers often prefer hiring THAI MARRIAGE VISA holders due to the ease of applying for a Thai Work Permit.

The THAI MARRIAGE VISA allows the applicant to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand renewable annually for an indefinite period with visa extensions of stay and allows multiple entries (with Multiple Re-Entry Permit). A THAI MARRIAGE VISA will be issued by the Royal Thai Consulate or by the Immigration Bureau within the Kingdom of Thailand. The THAI MARRIAGE VISA will first likely be issued with a validity of 3 months, which can be extended annually – indefinitely.

What are the requirements for a THAI MARRIAGE VISA?

Valid passport

Marriage Certificate

Financial Obligation: 400,000 Thai Baht or more in a Thai Bank Account (*Note: Must be in the account for more than 2 months before the application for extension of stay/3 months after that) or evidence of a monthly income/pension of at least 40,000 Thai Baht.

Evidence of relationship, family, employment/business, property in Thailand. (Photographs are often sufficient. Not all of these are required when using our services, but they may be if you attempt to obtain this Visa on your own.)

Police Clearance

Medical Certificate

*Note: The 90 day reporting for the visa holder is required.

*Note: In the event of a divorce, we are at times able to gain permission for the visa holder to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand until their Visa or extension expires. Often the THAI MARRIAGE VISA will likely be canceled, and the visa holder will often be required to leave the Kingdom of Thailand immediately and obtain a new visa if they wish to return.

NOTICE (Updated June 2019): Some Thai Visas and Extensions of Stay are undergoing requirement changes, including but not limited to requiring Insurance. Many of Thai Visa Services already include Insurance as a precautionary measure. This is just another example of how we stay ahead of the curve and are better than the rest!

With that being said, it is not so easy to apply for a Thai Marriage Visa, and often assistance is required. If you have any questions or if you are ready to get started, then complete the form below.

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